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Also knows as the Slydini´s Silks, this set of handkerchiefs is of the best quality fabric to acomplish any “disolving knots” routine. They are not only very easy to handle but also nice, elegant and professional looking. And the material used is durable as hell.

In this set of silks and video instructions, Javi Benitez shares with the magic world a very important part of his work.

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Me, Javi Benitez, have been looking for these handkerchiefs for many years. I´ve spend lot of money buying “Slydini´s Silks” all over the world but none of them are compared to these ones. Some of them are really hard to handle and the knots are impossible to untie, some others are simply ugly and most of them just last few trials. The result of my research is this set I’m showing you here.


JAVI BENITEZ is one of the most creative and recognizable magicians in the Spanish magic community. He was born in Sevilla and began learning magic at the age of 11. When he was 19, he moved to Madrid to study the structural conception of magic with the masters Arturo de Ascanio and Juan Tamariz. For many years, Benítez has been performing and lecturing in countries around the world including Germany, China, Spain, Japan, India, and in the USA at the world famous Magic Castle.

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