Hi, my name is Javi Benitez and I´m very proud to announce a new series of the Santa Cruz mat made by me and my amazing mother during the autumn and winter of 2020.

Since I created my first Santa Cruz mat in 2011 with which I got the Magician of the Year Award in Spain, I´ve been using this mat in every show. Not only because this mat is very versatile in the variety of tricks you can do with it, or because it looks absolutely gorgeous as if my pack of cards and coins were on a jewelry mat on the Tiffany´s counter but, also, because it is absolutely practical and easy to carry, something really important to any close-up performer that is flying usually most of the time.

As a magician and collector, I just want the best quality possible for my performances and for myself, that´s why I came up with this mat. A Santa Cruz mat has to be made by hand, there is no other way to get the design but also the imperfections of this mat, absolutely necessary to make it absolutely perfect to fool even experts (I myself fooled Penn&Teller in their Fool Us show with my Santa Cruz. See video here.).

Tokio Series is very special because I found a very special velvet in my last visit to Japan. This velvet is absolutely black, perfect for black art magic, and it´s touch and slyde properties are perfect for coin magic and card magic as well.

I´m sure you will be amazed as I am with this limited edition of Santa Cruz.

Javi Benitez

The Santa Cruz mat is much more than a mat, it is a piece of art.

Completely handmade in a really hard and long patience, care and love process. That´s why this is a very limited edition of 5 numbered units only.

This mat maintains all the other features that makes Santa Cruz the best mat ever made with the difference that the velvet surface of this Tokio Serie was found in Shibuya, Tokio, by Javi Benitez in his 2019 lecture tour. The touch and slyde of cards and coins are simply amazing.

Santa Cruz Deluxe mat is the Rolex of mats.

It is deluxe because it is much more than a mat

In addition to offering two unique surfaces of luxury velvet and anti-sliding suede, it contains several secrets that facilitate numerous effects such as the change and appearance and disappearance of cards, coins, sponge balls and almost any object. You can show it from both sides and, when you need it, with a simple pretext of smoothing the table surface, you can load and unload cards or coins in the easiest way whether you are standing or sitting.

Elegance, design and magic

Its father, Javi Benitez, joins in this mat an extensive experience in two worlds, design and magic. The elegance and care in absolutely every detail resulted in this rug being part of the number with which he won Penn&Teller Fool Us Show on CW and World Magic Convention FISM.

Numbered certification

Each Santa Cruz Tokio Series is personalized and numbered on a gold printed Santa Cruz certificate.

Easy to carry

Santa Cruz is a mat designed for comfortable transportation. With only 480gr. aprox. weight and a flexible material, carrying it on a trip is not a problem. It comes with a light weight protection bag and an stronger protected carrying bag with one pocket inside for magic props.

The quality is obvious

The most exclusive fabrics have been used for the manufacture of Santa Cruz. From the most resistant and exclusive natural velvet to natural silk. With these materials we can say that it is a rug for life.


Behind this mat there is no big industry or anything like that. Santa Cruz mats are completely handmade, which makes us able to offer the most demanding quality and also is possible to personalize. Each rug takes several weeks to manufacture.

Perfect mullet

In order for cards and coins to be handled smoothly and without worry, a surface that is neither too soft nor too hard is necessary. And with this in mind, Javi Benítez investigated with infinity of materials and selected the precise fabrics that make Santa Cruz the ideal surface for any table technique.

Professional size

With a size of 70 by 48 centimeters, Santa Cruz adapts to any card and coin routine, allowing the magician to move with amplitude, reinforcing his performance.


The Santa Cruz Deluxe Mat also includes the Santa Cruz Removable Servante for loading and unloading and an exclusive design transport bag for its protection.

Only in

This mat is an exclusive from Javi Benitez product and is not found in other magic sites.

Questions, orders, doubts

For any question about this product, order a size or a specific color, you can write us directly from here and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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