• "Best sleight of hand we´ve ever seen."

    This is what the popular magicians Penn & Teller said when they saw Benitez´s card handling. Here in this work you can learn many of the knocks that makes his techniques so unsuspicious.

    HD Recording | Length: 1h42m | Language: English without subtitles

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jf11wLuqwc]
  • Willy Monroe is an incredible creative magician, his ideas are crazy and beautiful. This work if full of his card magic ideas and techniques. This dvd is a box full of weapons to put on practice.
    [vimeo 55167567 w=560 h=315]
  • In this DVD, Javi Benítez “Chango” shares with the magic world one of his most precious pieces, his Gypsy Thread award winning routine, for the first time in English .

    “The Torn and Restored thread is so beautiful and wonderful...what I´ve seen couldn´t have any trick involved.It´s one of those moments of beautiful magic.” Juan Tamariz

    “I saw this many times. I still do not know how it works.I am so excited to see this DVD to know his artistic thinking.” Shoot Ogawa

    “I´ve seen this routine eight consecutive times and I was fooled eight times!” Dani DaOrtiz

    “You coudn´t ask more from a trick. Beautiful.” Paul R. Wilson

    HD Recording | Length: 43 minutes | English without subtitles