“Mein Ziel als Künstler ist es, ungewöhnliche Momente von Komik zu schaffen.”





Javi Benítez ist ein Erfahrener “Zaubercomedian”, dem es gelingt, mit seiner Mischung aus Comedy und Zaubershow sein Publikum zum Lachen zu bringen.

Javi verfügt über die aussergewöhnliche Fähigkeit, seine Zuschauer/innen zu den Hauptdarsteller/innen seiner Shows zu machen.

23 years studing magic and more than 15 as a professional, this ex-advertiser is one of the most renowed magicians in his country.

During his show he mixes laughter, play and mystery, leaving viewers spookely happy!

As a stand-up magicomedian & MC his fresh magic and situational comedy with the spectators is unique.

As a close-up magician he has no equal. His card magic pieces are superb and his improvisation with common objects is unbelievable.

But most important is the atmosphere of happiness.

Magician of the Year (2011, Spanish Society of Magicians)
First National Prize of Close-Up Magic (2001, Spain)
Member of the Escuela Mágica de Madrid
President of the Magic Circle of Seville
25 shows at the Magic Castle (Hollywood, 2009)
Theme Park magician (Seville)
90 performances in Riverwalk Mall (Japan, 2004)
Creator & Director on 9 stage shows
Magic Consultant
Disciple of “El Maestro” Arturo de Ascanio
“The Genius” Juan Tamariz
“Magical Godfather” Luis Trueba
and “The Multifaceted” Mark Mitton
Student with
Juan C. Sánchez (CAT)
and the clown Jango Edwards