Sleight-of-Hand Virtuoso

Javi Benitez, a world-renowned magician celebrated for his breathtaking sleight of hand and captivating persona, has garnered accolades from both audiences and fellow magicians alike. Penn & Teller, on their TV show Fool Us, extolled his prowess, declaring him “The best Sleight of Hand artist we’ve ever seen.” Javi’s unwavering dedication to the art of magic led him to forsake a prosperous career as a Creative Director to become a full-time magician. His illustrious career is adorned with numerous prestigious awards, including World Awarded Magician at FISM 2018, Penn&Teller Fool Us Show Winner 2017, Spanish Magician of the Year 2011, and Spain Champion Winner 2001.

Javi’s magical journey has traversed the globe, enchanting audiences across Europe, the UK, Japan, the USA, China, Taiwan, Argentina, Perú, and Seychelles. He has graced the screens of television networks worldwide, leaving his mark on shows like Penn&Teller Fool Us, NHK in Japan, RTL Televisión in Showdown der weltbesten Magie with the Erlich Brothers, and RTVE. Notably, Javi has lent his magical talents to esteemed corporations such as BBVA, Facebook, Royal Caribbean, and many others.

His signature card-handling finesse has astounded even the most seasoned magicians, rendering his sleight of hand indiscernible. As a usual performer at the world-renowned Magic Castle, he continues to enchant and inspire audiences worldwide. Javi’s mastery extends beyond performance; he is a pedagogue and innovator. As the last disciple of “El Maestro” Arturo de Ascanio, he imparts his wisdom as a teacher at the Tamariz Magic School. In his hometown, Sevilla, he served as the President of the Spanish Magic Society for 6 years and has promoted one of the world’s foremost public magic libraries called Fondo Andaluz de Ilusionismo.

In addition to his performing prowess, Javi is a prolific creator, director, magic consultant, and lecturer. His innovative routines, including Baroque Transposition, Invisible CAAN, and Follow the Leader, showcase his technical finesse and distinctive presentation style. He has reimagined the classic gypsy thread routine, unveiling “El Hilo,” a mesmerizing take on the age-old effect. Javi’s impact on the world of magic is immeasurable, with one article attesting, “Magic this clean should be criminal.” Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Javi Benitez’s spellbinding magic—truly one of the finest magicians in the world.

A true artist

As the rennowned magicians Penn & Teller said of him
in their own TV Show:

“The best Sleight of Hand artist we´ve ever seen.”

Javi´s sleight of hand with cards is absolutely amazing but, even more important, his charming personality, his compositions (than not tricks) are of a beauty never seen before.

Javi have given his entire life to the Art of Magic in its biggest meaning,
quitting from his successful career as Creative Director to be a full-time artist.

Experience the imposible through a true artist in the Magic field.


World Awarded | FISM 2018
Penn&Teller Fool Us Show Winner
Spanish Magician of the Year

Spain Champion Winner


International TV Performer
Las Vegas Performer
Regular performer at the
World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood
Member of the Magic School of Madrid
President of the Spanish Magic Society
Founder of one of the most important
Public Magic Libraries in the world
Creator & Director
Magic Consultant

Gold roots

Last disciple of “El Maestro” Arturo de Ascanio
Disciple of “The Genius” Juan Tamariz
Influenced by Luis Trueba & Mark Mitton
Student of Juan C. Sánchez and Jango Edwards


Theater Show | Conventions | MC


Experience & Discretion